From Virtual Gaming worlds,

to 3d printed Peripherals.

How to enhance the gaming culture beyond Gaming characters?

How to grow gaming avatar expression in the gamers home studios (IRL)?

The initial pilot project, was to explore design expressions, to get excitement going around Premium gaming perihpherals.

Exploring generative design tools, in search of a unique expression, that could only be executed using 3d printing.

Both Jetfusion in Nylon and Metal where explored.

Rapid creation using Blender lead to an initial pitch movie

Instant collaboration with Gaming influencers, all lead to a successfull demonstration of the potential of HX3D

Rapid prototyping, overnight, to some testing.

rendering and animation towards some powerfull Videos

Tokenized Gaming peripherals

Print your Avatars, Custom Peripherals

Concept vision project for HyperX

Metaverse Team at HP

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