Powerfull Filtration technology, in a portable bottle

What if you could have fresh filtered drinking water anywhere anytime?

The Flint Michigan debacle was one of the inspirations to start a Clean water initiative.

Clean drinking water is a true problem, in some regions where there are still questionable water supply lines.

Greg Lafata Initiated a briefing that defined the Astrea Waterbottle principles;

Portable, Compact, Hyper clean drinking water, Re-useable, Great Design, a range of finishes, durable, and fitting a replaceable Filtration system, yet to be defined.

With a small startup team, a kickstarter project was initiated. In high temp we developed a novel innovative drinking and filtration solution, that would work anywhere, with any water faucet.

Astrea Waterbottle Project

Design in collaboration with Rafa Correl, Greg Lafata

And the Halosource/Astrea Startup Enginering team

Bart Massee | mobile +31 681206196 | bartmassee@gmail.com