Virtual Medical Lab testing Human Factors

During Lockdown, our Rapid VR building saved the day

In the darkest hous of the Lockdown, rapid product design decisions had to be made. Human factors decisions require physical presense with the team and the machine.

Rapid Virtual Reality mockups of a Lab environment, allowed us to make decisions on Human factors within a day.

Gravity sketch and Quest2 where used to try out pipetting flows, and determine the angle of the User interface display for our Diagnostics device.

A Virtual Innovation lab for Human Factors testing. 

Covid Diagnostics Project

Design in collaboration with HP enginering team, Justin Francke, Play&Co, and Kaalo

Industrial Design: Bart Massee, Justin Francke, Brendan Hutchieson

UI Design: Bart Massee, Erika Negron, Rajib Adhikary, team Kaalo

Bart Massee | mobile +31 681206196 | bartmassee@gmail.com