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"The Machine that prints the Machine"

How do we scale 3d printed Metal production?


How to scale 3d printing of Metals to giga production levels?

The quest for the Scalable 3d print factory begins with a question:

How to increase efficiency of production, so that we can optimize use of our Recourses?

In search of the optimal Printing factory, we explored mathematical patterns that would fit with a highly efficient part flow

Which path of the parts, and which setup of the ground floor would be the ultimate?

Hexagon patterns seemed to enable a layout, where the route to and from the machine was as short as possible.

We envisioned robotic handlers to fill and empty the printers.

Stacking the 6 units up to 6 high, would allow for the largest print production capacity in the smallest spaces.

Sintering still takes a full 22 hours, so the ovens are still a bottleneck in the creation of metal parts.

the scale would allow for part production en masse, making a factory like this an economic viability.

this was a concept design phase to visualize the brilliant thinking of the team, in which the design process further sharpened the efficiency of the concept.

Reminds you of the cybertruck? well I guess we called it. Our vision of Bent sheet metal printing housings was invented before the announcement of the cybertruck.

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