The Internet of Value

Next Gen Data vizualization + Game Development Experimentation lab

The Web3 Concept Innovation shop

The Internet of Viz

Imagine you could see the Internet of Value,

translated into Easy to understand Vizual Stories,

Cross Platform, in real time.

XRPL Transparency

How much is XRP?

What if we could make the Blockchain numbers easier to understand?

Blockchain experiences on XRPL

Play to Earn Prototypes

Lifelike behaviours in Games

Breath Soul into Voxels.

Truly novel blockchain Gaming Experiences

Value to Effort

Stay tuned

XRPL Idea 4

What other ideas can we test out?

How about lowering the bar of entry for secure small business operations?

What if we had a continous Experimentation lab,

that was focussed on usability?

Blockchain experiences on XRPL

The Challenge

Humans are lams

The status quo of accepting sub-par solutions.

Windows sucks, Let's be honest.

The beloved Cloud never really shows your thumbnails,

And why does it take 6 seconds to open an email on a 4000 dollar pc?

Because we are lams, blindly following the flock.

As a people of earth, We seem to accept an OS status quo, that is sub-optimal.

Web3 seems a bold dream, yet daunting to get into, it's does not feel safe, and seems a mysterious place where DeFi Nerds hang out.

The opportunity

web3 challenges

Defined by engineers, Code first..

Web3, as it is currently is not easy to navigate..

It's interaction layer defined mostly by the coders who build it, a sauce of User interface poured over the top. What remains is a challenging environment, for users to navigate...

if we don't tackle the core Architecture towards a better interaction fundament, what remains could well be another sub-optimal interaction foundation....

Now is the time to define what Web3 can become.


A bold vision for web3

Defining the true Web3

The promise and possibilities of high efficiency and decentralized ownership are great, and with it the dream of a more just society.

Yet work needs to be done to truly democratize and unlock the power of Blockchain through the definition of optimal interactions.

Data visualization is limited to pie charts and bar charts. Only the ones with a brain for it can translate data into their heads, into meaningful shapes.

What if we unlocked the visual data impairment of the 99 %, and cause a revolution in decentralized wealth creation. unlock financial Freedom for all.

What if we took the opportunity to build on the blockchain, and start with the next Interaction models, that include Data visualization as it's foundation?

Are we ready to redefine the OS of this century?

We have the vision. Let the prototyping begin.

Looking for partners to brainstorm, and build out Web3 OS

Experimentation & Prototyping lab

Looking for partners

''If Lenin had Blockchain, could communism have been a success?''