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Industrial Design | VR/AR Experiences | Brand design


Bart Massee   |  Design  | Innovation | xR | ID | World Building

Industrial Design | VR/AR Experiences | Brand design


Unity | Blender | 2d/3d | ID/UX/UI/Ai

Customer centric Innovation and Brand Experience Design

World Building, Configurators and Portfolio rooms

World Class Award winning Design and visualization

Bart Massee | mobile +31 681206196 | bartmassee@gmail.com

Building worlds and Experiences

With a focus on creating Memorable Spaces, we unlock retention, and bring people into new worlds.

What elements are important for delightful, and memorable experience Creation?

Hello world

The proof of the Pudding is in the Building

Prototype and build

New tools everyday, means to rapidly explore and remain flexible with a core of solid production tools, a reliable Pipeline to produce testable results.

HyperX Headset customization using 3d print

Generative Design in Blender

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All handcrafted designs | Zero AI Art | Asset packs from Archviz Pro from Unity asset store used in office space