How to Play

How to play

Grab a drone and join the Close Air Support (Cas)



This works best with Audio on, but can be played without audio as well.

Familiarize yourself with the story by clicking the Right arrow through the tutorial screens

Check the menu Map, It shows a stack of missions, Only the bottom mission is unlocked

Start below, with Tutorial levels, click Start mission.

Follow the on screen guidance to complete the tutorial

Work your way up following the instructions

Learn to drop supplies, learn to use the bombs

Learn what to hit and what not to hit

Later use the shields for self defense of the drone.

Then protect the convoy on the ground as you move through the levels to reach the Compounds in each mission

The end goal is to Deliver the Antidotum and the Key to the Core of the city in two separate missions.

After that you must Topple the Insurgence, by taking out its robotic leadership

Hunt and Clear these in the last two missions

When sufficient points are reached, the endless free hunt level and all weapons will be yours

More drones and systems will be introduced, together with more mission packs in late 2021

Introduction Play by play



Opening App and Walkthrough:

Walk through the instruction screens by pressing right arrow

There is audio to guide you on the purpose, goodguys, and badguys and what to expect

Having Audio on, and possibly a headset will allow you to enjoy the experience to the fullest

We spend time to create the engaging Forward Controler audio dialogues with the drone pilot and the ground operations. Learn about Safe AI through the narrative in game of ''WolfC'', the Artificial Betty of RedWaterOne

Known issues:

Ensure you have a good full battery, or play connected to a charger. The intensive gameplay is a somewhat Energy intense

Weapons release button sometimes locks, and will not allow a Ordnance drop

Please restart if this issue occurs, your Xp and level will be saved

Main Menu screen

This is the overview of the Missions, with links to the weapons and drones screens

Here you can also see your Xperience points, on your way to the goal of 450.000

Here you can also track the maximum survival time in each mission in blue

Here you can also see the tally of Insurgent leaders you have hunted down

Play by play details:

Intro to Drone Mission; learn the use of the Joysstick and supplies drop

Drop Supplies to convert the badbots insurgents (Red) into the Good mining communities (Blue)

Precision Practice: Learn to Drop some Mk 33 ordnance and hit with precision still and moving targets

Shields introduction; Use of self defense shields, and defuse roadside bombs at the same time

It is important to time the shields precisely, as the shield bar is depleting rapidly

A Good Missile hit will hurt your drone, and knock out systems

Scouting Convoy mission; A convoy mission, ensure they reach the compound safely by providing Combat air support using all you learned

Next work your way through the stack upwards

Each mission will unlock as you complete the previous level

Convoy to Core; The Delivery of the Antidotum that enables Safer Artificial Intelligence is critical in this mission

Dawn Rises; The Delivery of the Antidotum that enables Safer Artificial Intelligence is critical in this mission

Canyon Patrols; Protect the Convoy through the Core of the Mining Canyons

Do not hurt the miningbot life above acceptable collatoral damages

City Patrols; Bring the Key to the core of the City, to disarm the Insurgent AI, and install the Good Code in the system. Receuiting will cease after successfull completion, and the reduction of red numbers in the hunt levels is next

The Hunt; See on screen mission briefing, take out targets of opportunity, but keep collatoral low

Hunt down a series of Communicators, Vital links to the overal insurgent leaders web

The Snake's head; Free Hunting missions, take out targets of opportunity, but keep collatoral low,

hunt down the TallOne, which is the Overall insurgent leader

Bonus mission, to turn the tide, Achieve 450.000 points to unlock the final mission and 

achieve legendary status

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