Artificial Super Intelligence

Meets Manhatten Project

Humanity's Moral choice on AI

Models hand crafted in Gravity sketch

Models prepared in Blender, Materials and lighting  and animation in Blender


The race to ASI

An art piece by Bartacuss created for Art Basel

The Morality Museum 

The First of a series of MetaMemes's exploring the dilemmas and tensions facing humanity.

This Morality museum explores the repetition of History.

The race is on to achieve ‘’artificial general intelligence’’

It is often a suspected advancement of the competition, the Enemy, which motivates the accelerated development of extremely powerful technologies, such as AGI.

Experts expect that soon after achieving this level of AI, the intelligence explosion may quickly bring forth a level of intelligence far superior to our own, thus putting us second in line for the Universal foodchain

Artificial Super Intelligence, the explosion of an almost Alien level of speed and thinking, a synthetic sentient being.

If we look at history of global threats, the Nuclear threat is back on the News…

Albert Einstein wrote a letter to Franklin Roosevelt in August 1939, to warn the President a dangerous weapon was potentially close to being invented in the arms of the Germans..

He suggested to Franklin Roosevelt a deeper examination of the power of the Atomic bomb, and accelerated research towards it’s potential…

The Manhattan project was born, and not long after the Fat man was dropped on Hiroshima, with the goal of ensuring the surrender of Japan.

The statement Einstein made was ''Woe is Me'', or ‘’Vey is mir’

Did we learn our Lesson?

Some leading experts have spoken up to ensure that we are the first to achieve Artificial General intelligence this to ensure the Evil states do not obtain it's potential superpowers first...

But in this what box do we open?

Proceeds of this piece will be shared with the institute The Future of towards the research towards Safeguarding Artificial Intelligence

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