How are we different

What Differentiates our game

What Differentiates our game is the self generative chance bases behaviours that dictate all microlife. This allows for a richer world experience and a gameplay that is always unique.

Our focus on Microinteractions, and physics and pyrotechnics in our robotic life, set the stage for a rich game experience potential. We see this as the first step in an ever maturing quality roadmap. Combining Cinematic Theatrical Pixar alike storytelling, with simple missions, and more complicated challenges, pull the user into a world, that we believe is rich enough to captivate their passion, and open up their willingness to invest time with us.

Rather then forcing people in through addictive motivations, we want to create a world, our gamers are willing to invest in.

Designed according to the Apple guidelines for simple focus and UI layers

We did loops of small group beta testing, with a variety of users, including US Airforce Pilots. The responses drove us to sharpen our UI and gameplay.

What does The Third Law of ThermoDynamics

have to do with it?

’Three Laws of Thermo-Dynamics ‘’

Einstein suggested that energy and matter are interchangeable.

As a result of this fact of thermodynamics, natural processes that involve energy transfer must have one direction, and all natural processes are irreversible.

This law also predicts that the entropy of an isolated system always increases with time.

Meaning, the Level of Chaos in a system always increases.

Unless there is a form of spontanous or intelligent event that generates Order.

As such our struggle is to battle decay...

Systems ruled by chance only, show promising tendencies towards apparent order..

It may well be that with infinite computing power, pure chance based systems, with a simple code structure eventually start displaying the myriad complexity we see in the universe, and inthe spawning of intelligence

This roadmap is our quest, which we shall attempt to demonstrate with fairly simple models towards robotics behaviours.

These type of behaviours are a the core of our chance based behavious engine.

We embrace chaois in our system design

Evolution and intelligence follow, after which Order comes naturally

It is up to the player to test reverse time, and introduce some chaos again....

or you can chose to convert the badguys, and bring peace

that is the only way to win this mission pack..

Well maybe try some chaos first.

Good hunting, with Force, or Precision.

How many casualties would you accept? Be the Judge