Autonomous Killer Drones

Ethical dilemnas around Autonomous killer drones

The Revolution has begun. Pilotless Drones are out there daily patrolling the skies.

Drones are patrolling our skies around the clock. Reaper Drones have been used for a decade to take part in silent patrols.

Most of us have seen The Terminator, Yet Few debates are public about the shifting landscape of the conduct of remote warfare. 

Exponentially Accelerated innovation will bring further advancements in autonomous behaviours. The reality of the the birth of Artificial Super Intelligence may bring closer that moment where we as Humans are no longer at the top of the global foodchain…

Some predict our role will be reduced to that of Ants on a planet dominated by an Alien Artificially intelligent entity. This is not science fiction, it is the Roadmap we are racing to complete..and well documented and analysed in books like P.W. Singers ‘’Wired for War’’

Long before ASI we will have the robotic autonomous, or remote piloted control warfare expanding. Who is the judge in this game of Cat and mouse?

The benefit of a clean warfare with Pinpoint Precision strikes, brings a relative global peace

But what is the psychological Effect on the populations as the drones hang overhead?

P.W. Singer describes these hidden dangers of this conduct being described as cowardice by the populations subject to it.. 

What if this technology becomes smaller, and available to all? The Swarms may be upon us one day…

This game is an attempt to bring the experience of the silent remote drone to the forefront, with the purpose of illustrating the discussions to be had.

Entertainment? Sure, but with vow that parts of the revenue will go towards support of the research towards a Safer Artificial Intelligence.

We hope to bring an understanding of remote control war to the public, and bring an entertaining simulator to Mobile platforms near you.

Who is the judge?  You be the Judge in split decisions between doing good, and being bad….

Inspired by the below books, theories and writings

‘’Don’t be Evil’’ Pax Report on Killer Robots

‘’Are there "natural laws" that govern the ways in which humans behave and organize themselves, just as there are physical laws that govern the motions of atoms and planets? Will they apply to Robots and Artificial life? ‘’

Critical Mass’’by Philip Ball

Drone War; PW Singers ‘’Wired for War’’

Predator, The Secret Origins of the Drone Revolution Richard Whittle

Artificial Intelligence ‘’Our Final Invention’’ James Barrat

‘’The machine must be believed. Its proclamations needs to be taken seriously’’


’Three Laws of ThermoDynamics ‘’

Einstein suggested that energy and matter are interchangeable. ... As a result of this fact of thermodynamics, natural processes that involve energy transfer must have one direction, and all natural processes are irreversible. This law also predicts that the entropy of an isolated system always increases with time.

These type of behaviours are a the core of our chance based behavious engine.

Dedicated to one of my favorite Podcasers on AI and Deep learning: Lex Fridman

AI researcher working on autonomous vehicles, human-robot interaction, and machine learning at MIT and beyond.


And dedicated to the TechnoKing: Elon Musk, do hire us

SpaceX and Elon Musk


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