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''Pilot - vehicle interface & controls are easy and intuitive''

USAF C-130 Navigator

I did really like the ‘feel’ of the weapons releasing off of the plane.

For reference, the last game system I owned and regularly played was N64. I do have 3500 hours flying real A-10 C and have dropped a lot of real bombs. My gaming feedback is severely amateur.””

USAF, A-10 Warthog Pilot

‘’I think it is a super fun game, and I admire that you build it!””

Ronin, 11 years old

‘’While the communication chatter is not typical for real-world missions , the requirement to listen, interpret, and react as required certainly is fun. This adds a level of detail to the game that I enjoyed.’’

USAF F-15 Pilot

''A great game!

I really enjoyed the storyline, as well as the graphics and sounds!

The first test level was a bit unclear, as much happens at the same time. But after I got the hang of it I was hooked!''

UX Designer

‘’We developped this game for Rocketman in North Korea,

It's the best tool for demonstrating Superiority

without harm to the public and Japanese Sealife.’’

Dev Team member

Be the Judge...

How will you play, with devastating force or Pinpoint Precision?

Grab a Drone and Turn the Tide

14.8 Lightyears away

On a distant Mining world Planet Wolf 1061C is filled with Artificial Intelligent Microlife.

Fracking from Mining leads to underground rivers with a bright red color

The Artificial Intelligent insurgents have spreading a virus which recruits all biolife.

It’s is your job to turn the tide.

Grab a Drone and get to work

Your view is from the Drone’s radar looking down into the Canyon

Protect the Convoys as they make it across the canyon, to deliver the Virus Antidotum and the Safe AI key to the Core of the planet.

The goal is to convert the planet back to Human Biolife control and stop the AI Insurgent Coup. Use Shields to protect your Drone from incoming Air to Air Threats

Take out all Insurgent threads using your Ordnance wisely.

You can win through converting insurgent robots using supplies, or dropping bombs and bullets to eliminate targets in the canyons

Can you ensure the Collateral damage to the biolife miners stays low?

Can you unlock all the levels and weapons
Can you achieve the ultimate 450000 points to liberate the entire planet Wolf 1061C

About Wolf 1061 c

Your Theathre of Operations

Wolf 1061c or WL 1061c is an exoplanet orbiting within the habitable zone of the red dwarf star Wolf 1061 in the constellation Ophiuchus, about 13.8 light years from Earth, making it the fifth closest known, potentially habitable, and confirmed exoplanet to Earth (after Proxima Centauri b, Ross 128 b, Luyten b and Tau Ceti e), yielding interest from astronomers.[3][4] It is the second planet in order from its host star in a triple planetary system, and has an orbital period of 17.9 days. Wolf 1061c is classified as a super-Earth exoplanet as its estimated radius is greater than 1.5 R⊕.

"Ready for 9-Line''

Copy when ready for tasking

9-line is as follows;

Sector 270-34

Heading 270, across the Terminator Canyon

Altitude Angels 18

Ordnance; We have Supply packages, Dropbots, Mark 33, 76, 99 and Mark 99 Cluster-non-bouncing clusterballs

Avengers Gatlin gun with Depleted-TerraNium tips, and Sniper-Bot-piercing High velocity rounds

100 % Shields

Further tasking will be given once you are in the Container Cockpit


Can you protect the good Mining Robots?

Can you provide Cover for the Convoys and keep the drone safe from the Surface to Air missiles?

Can you unlock levels and battle through some canyons and cities?

Can you hunt down the insurgent leaders and tip the tide?

There are about 8 weapons in this beta including the Sniper and Gatlin Gun

They will unlock once certain XP levels have been reached.

For you we have made them easily attainable, so we can test our Unlock system

Try some of the megaton to pulverize some BadBots..

But be careful, Collateral is being tracked and you will be judged.

Be the Judge with Air superiority, but balance the vibe on the ground to avoid escalations.

The goal is to tun the tide on Planet Wolf 1061C

How will you play? devastating force? or Pinpoint Precision?

Game Features and Systems

Cognitive loading reaction time telemetry 2022

Level and weapon unlock by XP points

Interface for drone delivery systems


Self Generative Artificial Robotic micro life

Self generative game engine and mission system, gameplay is never the same

Drone Damage Model with Smoke and fire system

Weather System, including shock vibration model

Mission system, allows for endless mission stories

Weapon system, allows for expansion and finetuning

Supplies system to drop healing powers/ Heal or eliminate

Anti Air Missiles

Defensive shields system

Jtac Communications simulations, including audio slots, narrated by a West Point Ranger Captain

Full 3d world

Advanced Pyrotechnics models, using unity particle systems in layers of effects and behaviours

Collateral tracking, collateral balance

Convoy CAS

Weapons drop, Supply robots 

Roadside bomb

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